Use the EZ Off Jar Opener and Never Struggle to Open Another Jar

If I had a dollar every time my wife asked me to open a jar I wouldn’t be rich, but…I could probably treat myself to lunch each week.

The real problem is that I’m not always home.  Sometimes I’m away on business while other days I’m just stuck at the office working late.  Unfortunately we haven’t trained our dogs how to open a jar, which means often times I come home to find my wife sitting on the couch and a broken jar in the kitchen sink.

We solved that problem with the EZ Off Jar Opener, an amazing kitchen gadget for such a low price.

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My Review of the EZ Off Jar Opener

Easy to Install, Easy to Use

One of the great things about this cool kitchen gadget is it’s easy to install and easy to use.  The EZ Off Jar Opener comes with a simple adhesive strip that you peel off and then attach to the bottom of a counter or cabinet, whichever is convenient.

Check out the pictures below for a little bit more detail on just how it works.

Jar Opener Gadget


Why the EZ Off Jar Opener Beats Any Handheld Jar Opener

There’s A LOT of jar openers available, most of which are handheld jar openers.  The problem is most people need a jar opener when they’re cooking or in the middle of something else, which usually means you’ve got something in the other hand.  The EZ Off Jar Opener solves that problem by attaching to your counter or cabinet (or really any surface you want to attach it to), ensuring you only need one hand to open the jar.


Get rid of that rubber disk that doesn’t work and get yourself an EZ Off Jar Opener.

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