The Original Fridge Locker

Man do I wish I had this cool kitchen gadget when I was in college.  I probably wouldn’t have had to spend an extra $20 every week at the grocery store replacing food that my lazy roommates decided they’d permanently borrow.

What is this kitchen gadget?

As seen on television this is The Original Fridge Locker by Locker Brand.

In the past the Fridge Locker could only be found on television, but with the recently popularity you can now find it even cheaper on Amazon.

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The Original Fridge Locker

What exactly is The Original Fridge Locker?  Well, if you haven’t seen it before it’s the perfect kitchen gadget to keep people out of your food.


Here’s a quick look at the main features:

  • Chrome metal combination lock
  • Change the combination to whatever you w ant
  • Walls snap securely together

What’s the Fridge Locker Good for?

Roommates.  This is probably the most popular use for the Fridge Locker.  If you have a couple roommates that keep getting into your food this kitchen gadget may be your answer.

Children.  Another popular use for the Fridge Locker is keeping kids out of dessert or other foods they keep raiding the kitchen for at night.

Dieting.  You know that New Year’s Resolution your husband made to only drink beer on the weekend?  Well now you can enforce it.  No more cheating on your diet.

Coworkers.  Keep your coworkers from nabbing your stash of soda or snacks.

Medications.  Some medicine is better kept in the cold, but need to be kept out of the hands of certain people in the house.  Toss your medications in the Fridge Locker and don’t worry about anyone getting into them.

The makers of Fridge Locker created the video below.  Check it out to see the Fridge Locker in action.

Where to Get the Fridge Locker

As the video mentions you can grab the Fridge Locker from the Locker Brand site.  But if you want to save money then take a look at the price we found.

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