Simply Tear Paper Towel Holder

You may not believe this, but at the top of my wife’s Christmas list recently was the OXO Good Grips Simply Tear Standing Paper Towel Holder. Each month she’s allowed to spend X amount of dollars on household items and she had surpassed the amount, so she figured she could get around our family rule by asking for it as a gift.

Let’s just say she was happy at Christmas.


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Only Need One Free Hand

OXO Good Grips Simply Tear Paper Towel Holder

How many times have you been cooking or doing something else in the kitchen when you go to grab a paper towel and nearly pull the entire paper towel holder off the counter top? Usually you have to sit everything you’re doing down, and put one hand on the paper towel holder while you rip the paper towel off with the other hand.

The Simply Tear eliminates that problem. It incorporates a weighted base and non slip ring to prevent you from pulling the dispenser off the kitchen counter.

The other cool feature is the spring activated arm.  I’ve found that if you face the arm towards you it holds the next paper towel in line perfectly, allowing you to just tear off one paper towel without unraveling half the roll.

Designed to Hold Any Size or Brand of Paper Towels

Whether you like the double or triple Brawny rolls or thinner rolls like Viva, the OXO Simply Tear will adjust its spring activated arm to hold the roll in place.

OXO Simply Tear Paper Towel HolderBrushed Stainless Steel Looks Great

It’s usually the smaller items in your kitchen that hold it back from looking great.  OXO took this into account when they created a brushed stainless steel finish on their Simply Tear Paper Towel Holder.

If you’re unfamiliar with brushed stainless versus polished stainless know that brushed stainless is not quite as “shiny” and the huge benefit is it doesn’t stain or smear when touched. We have a couple kitchen gadgets with the polished look and they are horrible to try and keep clean.

Keep It Simple

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