Remove Strawberry Stems Faster with the Chef’n Strawberry Huller

Recently we were given an entire crate (also known as a flat) of strawberries from a friend in the agriculture field.  If you’ve never seen a crate of strawberries, that’s around 500 strawberries.  They were absolutely gorgeous strawberries grown in Florida.  Not the tiny ones you see in the grocery store, but huge juicy home grown strawberries.  Mmmm!

I absolutely love strawberries, as I’m sure most of you do, but hulling 500 strawberries leads to 2 problems:

1.  It takes an extremely long time to do this by hand with a simple kitchen knife.

2.  After you’re finished you look down in the sink only to find that you’ve cut off a lot more than just the stem.

The Solution

The solution is simple.  Use the Chef’n StemGem Strawberry Stem Remover.


This is the best price I could find online, see it here:

Chef’n StemGem Strawberry Stem Remover

This little kitchen gadget is unbelievably cheap for how useful it is, definitely a must have for any strawberry lover.

Make Short Work of Prepping Fresh Strawberries

Unfortunately the Chef’n StemGem doesn’t do the work for you, but it definitely cuts your time in nearly half.  Simple push the green button (or stem) to open the claw and insert it into the strawberry.  Release the button and pull the hull out.  That’s it.

What I Love

Perfect results every time.

No more cutting half the strawberry just to get the hull out.  Not to mention if you’ve ever wanted to display strawberries for a dinner party, as part of a fruit bowl or anything else, then this is the absolute best way to hull them.

Plus, let’s be honest, your kitchen drawer is packed full of other utensils and gadgets.  The bright red color of the StemGem stands out and cuts down on any time you might have normally spent searching for it.

Use on Other Fruits and Berries with Ease

Don’t stop with just strawberries.  The Chef’n StemGem is perfect to use on other large berries, and even cherry tomatoes.

Whatever you decide to use it on this is one gadget you’ll definitely want in your kitchen.

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