Reader Redesign: Creating A Kitchen Storage Shelf Inside A Wall

Every now and then we get emails from readers sharing cool kitchen ideas with us and we decided it would be even cooler to start sharing them with you.

So, for our first Reader Redesign we’re going to show you how Lynne from Florida used an existing wall in her kitchen to create additional storage.

Here is the letter from Lynne, along with some photos as well:

We’ve lived in the same home for over 25 years now and every now and then create small projects to make some improvements.  Recently we decided our 12×12 kitchen just wasn’t cutting it anymore in terms of storage.

One of our family friends used to own his own construction company and does a lot of work for us, so we called him to see if he had any ideas.

The main problem was we didn’t really have any where to add space.  Our kitchen backs up against a bedroom on one side and our family room on the other, so we couldn’t just take down a wall and add more space.  That’s when he recommended adding a small “spice cabinet”, which actually turned out to be much larger, to our existing wall.

Inside Wall Kitchen Storage

It honestly didn’t seem to take that much work at all.  The cabinet is only 3-4″ deep and the cabinets stick out about 1-2″ from the wall, so really it’s almost flush with the wall.

In Wall Kitchen Shelf

What started off as a project to add just a little bit of space ended up turning into one of our favorite storage areas in the kitchen.

We store everything from spices, soups, to dog food and dog treats!

Kitchen Storage Cabinet In Wall

All said and done the total cost was just about $1,000, including the new cabinets that we purchased at Home Depot to match out existing cabinets.

Thanks Lynne!

We love your new cabinets!

This is the first in our series of Reader Redesigns, if you have any that you’d like us to feature don’t hesitate to contact us.  Keep in mind though, we’re The Cool Kitchen, so we only want your super cool ideas!

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