Ove Glove is the Best Oven Mitt Available

I had never heard of this new kitchen gadget until I spoke with my father on the phone last weekend.  We were catching up and when I asked how my mom was doing he mentioned she had recently burned her hand taking something out of the oven.  The interesting part of the story was that she had burned her hand through an oven mitt.  And then he said, “We’re getting an Ove Glove.”

What is the Ove Glove?

The Ove Glove Hot Surface Handler is the modern day oven mitt.  While it’s not as large or thick as the traditional oven mitt, the material used to construct it makes it a lot better at protecting your hand from getting burned.

You can get a set of 2 here

Make sure you do grab the 2 pack, even if you don’t use 2 oven mitts normally in the kitchen you can use the other for grilling or just as a backup when you have to wash one glove.

Cool Features

If my mom, who has spent hundreds of hours in the kitchen loves the Ove Glove, you know it’s a pretty worthwhile kitchen gadget.

Here’s a few features you might be interested in:

  • Withstands heat up to 540 degrees (F)
  • Toss it in the washing machine if it gets dirty, it’s machine washable
  • Heat and flame resistant
  • Silicone grips for better handling

Use it While Grilling Out

One great thing about the Ove Glove is it doesn’t just have to be used in the kitchen.  In fact, while it does well taking hot dishes out of the oven, it does even better using it on the grill.

The great thing about using it on the grill is it’s quite a bit thinner than a regular oven mitt, which allows you to better handle utensils for flipping burgers, or rolling some hot dogs.

Are There Other Oven Mitts Out There?

Sure, they’re just not as good as the Ove Glove.

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