Make the Perfect Dessert with a Chocolate Fondue Fountain

It doesn’t get much better than the Nostalgia Electrics Chocolate Fondue Fountain.

After seeing one of these cool kitchen gadgets at a recent wedding shower we set out to find the best chocolate fondue maker.  We really only had 3 requirements:

  1. It had to be affordable (less than $50).
  2. It had to be easily portable, for showcasing at friend’s houses.
  3. It had to make some pretty dang good chocolate fondue.

Out of the 9 different chocolate fondue fountains and fondue makers, we ended up choosing the Nostalgia Electrics Chocolate Fondue Fountain.

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Nostalgia Electrics Chocolate Fondue Fountain


  •  Holds up to 3 pounds of melted chocolate
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Built in heater
  • 3-tier fountain
  • Portable, weight = 5 lbs
  • Entire unit disassembles for easy cleaning

How Does it Work?

That’s the best part!  It’s unbelievably simple.  Essentially it boils down to 3 easy steps:

  1. Melt some chocolate.  24 ounces seems to be a good amount, mixed with a little bit of oil.  You can use whatever kind of chocolate you like, just make sure you don’t eat it in this step!
  2. Plugin in the fondue fountain and put the setting to heat.
  3. Pour the melted chocolate into the base of the fondue fountain.
  4. Turn on the fondue fountain.
  5. Delight in deliciousness!

Impress Your Guests

We have about 5-6 different family friends that all rotate in throwing a little get together every 3 weeks.  I can tell you from experience, the family with the chocolate fondue fountain always gets begged to bring it to each new get together.  It’s extremely easy to carry around and so simple to use that everyone loves it.

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