Make Movie Popcorn at Home with the Presto Hot Air Popcorn Popper

My love for popcorn stems from my love for movies.  Ever since I was a little kid my father and I used to go to a movie every Friday and I was always allowed to get the biggest bag of popcorn I wanted.  However, going to a movie these days isn’t exactly a form of cheap entertainment.  When I grew up you could get a ticket, a popcorn, and a coke for less than $10.  Now you can hardly get into the theater for $10.

Cusinart Popcorn MakerSo, when we got married I was allowed to add a few things that I wanted to our wedding registry.  Just so happens one of those things was a popcorn maker.

Don’t Get a Cusinart Popcorn Maker

We had registered for a lot of Cuisinart kitchen appliances, and every single one of them is amazing, except their Easy Pop Popcorn Maker.  Now, don’t get me wrong, the popcorn was amazing…until it broke.

There are 2 tabs on each side of the popcorn maker that lock it into place and they’re made of very cheap plastic.  After doing a little research online it turns out that’s a pretty common problem.

A Better Popcorn Maker for Half the Price

In search for a popcorn maker that wouldn’t break I stumbled upon the Presto PopLite Hot Air Corn Popper.

I was a little hesitant, but it received nothing but positive reviews, so I ended up getting one.

Check out the reviews here

I can confirm it works even better than everyone says!

Pops the Perfect Amount of Popcorn

Another complaint I had with the Cuisinart Easy Pop is that it was so large I always ended up making more popcorn than I could eat and wasted half of it.  Well, the Presto Poplite solves the portion control problem by only popping one bowl full at a time.

Other Cool Features

  • Includes a measuring cup which can double as a butter melter
  • Faster than microwave popcorn
  • Pop a bowl in less than 2 minutes
  • Healthier (uses hot air, not corn oil)

Cut Back on the Calories

If you’re a popcorn lover you may be used to coating your popcorn in butter or other toppings to get a great flavor.  One thing that’s great about the Poplite is it is a hot air corn popper, which means it doesn’t use oil to pop the popcorn.  So if you’re looking to shed a few pounds this will be one easy way to cut a few calories.

Don’t worry, it still tastes just as good as movie popcorn.  In fact, I actually like it a bit better.

Save Money with the Presto Poplite

If you’ve been searching for a popcorn popper you may have noticed that Presto actually makes 2 different poopers: the Poplite and the (full size) Orville Redenbacher Popper.  You can save money by choosing the Poplite.  Both of these popcorn makers are exactly the same, except one is just slightly larger.  Since it only takes a couple minutes with the Poplite, just make a couple extra bowls if you need

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