Impress Your Guests with an Electric Wine Opener

Whether you love to throw dinner parties or just like to have a glass of wine for dinner, The Oster Electric Wine Opener is one kitchen gadget that will impress anyone.

Oster Electric Wine Opener

The full name, the Oster 4208 Inspire Electric Wine Opener with Wine Chiller, is the best dollar for dollar wine opener and wine chiller we were able to find.  Sure you can spend $100 or more on something fancy, but why do that when you can get the same results for around a quarter of the cost?


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Oster Electric Wine Opener with Wine Chill Deal

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What We Love

We’re not huge wine drinkers, nor do we have tons of dinner parties.  So, what could we possibly like about this wine gadget?

Well, to be honest, those reasons are exactly why it’s perfect for us.  I’m not sure I know how to properly open a wine bottle and it’s more likely I’d end up messing it up then doing it right.  So, the Oster Electric Wine Opener is perfect.

Bowl of IceNo More Mess

Another thing that’s great is the Oster 4208 is the wine chiller that it comes with.  If you’re anything like us you probably don’t already have a wine chiller laying around.  So anytime you need to put a bottle of wine on ice you end up using some plastic or glass bowl that isn’t quite deep enough to hold the wine upright.  The ice melts and the water usually spills out over the sides from the wine bottle being put in and out of the bowl.

With the Oster Wine Chiller there’s no more mess to deal with.  The chiller was made specifically for a bottle of wine, which chills it perfectly and fits perfectly without all the mess.

What Do Others Have to Say?

As we’re far from wine experts we thought it would be a good idea to find out what others have to say.

Here’s what we found:

  • “The perfect house warming gift.”
  • “Perfect for the person who struggles with opening bottles of wine the more conventional way; surprisingly easy to use.”
  • “We actually leave ours out on the counter because not only do we use it every week or so, but the stainless steel finish looks great too.”

A Quick Recap on the Oster 4208 Electric Wine Opener

  • Includes a gorgeous wine chiller
  • Super simple to use electric wine opener
  • Impress your guests with this cool gadget
  • A great price for great value

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