Eat Smart with a Digital Kitchen Scale from Precision Pro

Whether you want to increase your cooking skills or are looking to shave a few pounds off your waist, a digital kitchen scale can definitely help.  There’s tons of reasons why this is an essential gadget in your kitchen, but we’re just going to cover the top 2 reasons, as they’re the most important.

Should You Weigh Your Food Before Cooking or Eating?

Be honest, have you ever weighed your food?  Or do you typically just eye ball what you think are the right serving sizes?  The truth is that weighing your food can have a significant effect on your meal.

Benefits for Cooking

If you’ve ever spent some serious time in the kitchen trying to cook the perfect meal you may know how painful it can be to try and use measuring cups for everything, especially if you’re cooking with flour.  Measuring flour is notoriously difficult and even being off by a few grams can turn your best baked dish into something the dogs won’t eat.  Okay, maybe not that bad, but you get the point.

Benefits for Weight Loss

20 years ago, weighing out food for a diet probably wasn’t necessary.  Unfortunately one major factor has changed that is causing lots of people to eat more than they actually should.  What was that change? Serving size.

Today people are accustomed to such large servings sizes thanks to the restaurant industry.  So, whenever you get home and try to eyeball serving sizes it’s already psychologically built in to you to choose something that is too large.  That’s why you need a kitchen scale to help with portion control, one of the leading factors in obesity.

Multiple Colors

One of the great things about the Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale is the variety of colors available.  The most popular color is typically the silver, as it is neutral for most kitchens, and often times matches other stainless steel appliances.  But if you happen to have a black, white, or even country red kitchen, then make sure you get the color that matches.

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Other Great Features

If you’re curious about a few of the other main features, check these out:

  • Max measuring weight is 11 pounds
  • Includes a FREE Eat Smart calorie factors guide
  • Choose between display settings for: ounces (oz), pounds (lbs), grams (g), and kilograms (kg)
  • Built in tare function, so you don’t have to subtract the weight of the bowl

Which Kitchen Scale Should You Choose?

We spent a lot of time looking for the best kitchen scale.  There are literally hundreds, and to be honest the best answer is you’ve got to choose one that meets your needs.  With that said, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need more than the Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale.

Get the Best Deal

To make things easier, we’ve scoured the internet for the best deal.

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So, whether you’re measuring our flour for your next cake or just trying to ensure you have the right amount of chicken for Grandmother’s Famous Fried Chicken, put down the measuring cups, stop trying to eyeball everything and get yourself a digital kitchen scale.

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