Combine Your Love For Grilling With Your Love For Pizza

You’re about to witness the world’s only outdoor pizza grilling oven.

That’s right, pizza + grilling combined into one awesome gadget called the KettlePizza.

Heard enough?

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The KettlePizza might look very familiar to some of you.  That’s because it’s essentially a beefed up version of a 22.5″ Weber Grill.  When we say “beefed up”, we honestly mean it.  This grill can get hot, we’re talking 900-1000 degrees hot!  Though you’ll need your own thermometer to measure anything over 700.

To get the grill completely heated up and prepped it takes about 15-20 minutes and then another 3-5 minutes to cook the pizza depending on how you like it.

The basic setup also includes the 304 stainless steel insert ring with its two handles and thermometer and a 15-inch pizza pan.

How Exactly Does It Work?

Instead of telling you, how about we show you?
KettlePizza How it Works
Basically, people love grilling and people love pizza.  So, it’s only natural that people try to grill their pizza.  The problem is that pizza needs to be cooked at a very high and very consistent temperature in order to turn out well.

Unfortunately most grills aren’t set up to cook that way and you end up with less than great pizza.  The KettlePizza solves that problem by allowing you to cook at a constant heat throughout the entire grill.

And then there’s the fact that it’s just plain awesome!

Can You Use The Kettle Pizza For More Than Just Pizza?

Of course!

That’s the neat part about this pizza oven.  It can be used for all sorts of goodies.  Here’s an example we know must of you will love: chocolate chip cookies!

Kettle Pizza Grill

Where Can You Get a Kettle Pizza Oven?

If you’re anything like us you just read this review and your mouth started watering and you’re probably curious where to get the Kettle Pizza.

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If you want a little more information on just how to use the Kettle Pizza then check out this video created by the founder himself:

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